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Here I Stand, Pierced and Transfixed

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Catching Kayla

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A teen diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis found a way to run, and run mighty well at that!

Unsung Hero

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The Superior Man

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What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.

For a good portion of my life, I have wanted to be a “superior” man. That to me was being “superior” in intellect, patience, charm, compassion, understanding, joy, peace, love, etc. I think that these fruits of hard labor and grace are things that are worth striving for, but one area where I fell short was that I wanted people to tell me that I was these things. I based the person I was on what I was told about me. That was a very silly way to live my life though I didn’t know it and I didn’t see it.

I think that I can still get caught in the idea that it is vitally important for me to know what people think of me. The truth is that what other people think has nothing to do with the person I am or the person I’m becoming. When I feel that something is wrong inside me, there is very little that the outside world can do to clear that “wrongness” from me. Yet, for some reason, I tend to believe that that is the very case. I forget that when my stomach twists inside, it means that whatever is twisting it was something that I allowed to take a foothold in my soul.

On this path of life that I’ve chosen, I think it is incredibly important for me to do my best to remember these things and in doing the simple humble thing of working my heart, maybe someday I can be that “superior” man that I once envisioned. But I know that I have a very very long way to go…

This young gent had osteosarcoma (a rare form of bone cancer) and knew he was going to die. Watch his story:!

You can either sit in your basement and wait [for death]…or you can do some stuff

Here’s his video “Clouds”:

On Saturday, I was able to participate in the Run Scream Run 5k to benefit Hope Clinic. It was a fun race, especially because I hadn’t been running in a while. I didn’t have any sense of where I was at in terms of pace, and I think that made it kind of fun.

The race started out in a back corner of Wiards Orchard in Ypsilanti. I started out pretty quick and went with the flow of people that were around me. The course wound around a little bit of gravel and up towards the entrance to the orchard. A little before the first mile was done, we went across the street and continued on a paved trail out there. It was quite nice, and I felt pretty strong. We passed the first mile point, and I hit the “lap” button on my stopwatch. It said 5:20. I had been hoping for something around the six minute range, so I was a bit surprised. I told myself to slow down a little bit because I know that a race isn’t won in the first mile.

The second mile wound around a field on the south side of Merrit Road, and was fairly flat. I went slower than the first mile, but I still seemed to be passing a lot of people. As the second mile approached, I hit my watch again. This time, I ran 6:44, which was just about right in terms of my overall pace that I wanted to achieve.

I started kicking it in for the last mile when I passed a kid about half my height. He was struggling a little bit, so I said a few words of encouragement, and he then ran up and started running with me. It was fun to hear his feet stamp because he was taking two or three strides to every one of mine, but he was able to keep up pretty good. We wound around for what I thought was the final sprint, and I told him to start pushing it. He did, and then we found out that we still had another quarter mile to go! This quarter mile went through the “haunted” portion of Wiards, so there were people with axes, rolling barrels, monsters, spooks, and all kinds of haunted stuff to run through. It was kind of fun to run through, but I just wish that I had known that I would have had to run through that versus just running to the finish line.

At last, I turned the corner for the finish line! The little kid was a little ways behind me. “Come on,” I said. “We’re there! Let’s sprint!” I started pumping my legs and I could hear him breathing hard and doing the same. There was a crowd of people at the finish line, so I couldn’t hear him after a short while, but I finished quickly and turned around to congratulate my new little friend. He ran a great race!

I came in 19:33 for my final time, and twentieth overall (out of seven hundred and fifty five runners). Overall, it was a lovely race, and I was proud of all the donations I got for Hope Clinic. What fun!

I hope that love and laughter are yours today. I hope that happiness and joy bring you gently to the other side of today. I hope that every person you meet builds the love of your fellow-man today. I hope you have a very very Happy St. Valentine’s Day today!