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Last Night’s Dream

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Last night, I dreamt:

I had a bow, but no arrows. Instead, I had wooden dowels to shoot with. These I used to shoot down all kinds of crazy things out of the sky. I shot down flying shoes and large bits of broadcloth. I was running all over. At one point a strange person came up and tried to take away my bow, but I ran away as fast as my little legs could carry me while shooting my dowels back at the person over my shoulder.

That was my dream.

Last Night’s Dream

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Last night, I dreamt:

I was sitting outside a shop on a park bench. The sunlight was gentle and warm on my back. The sky was a rare blue and I remember thinking that this day was gloriously beautiful.

I stood up and began to walk in the shop. There were a set of double doors made of large panes of smoked glass and black metal. As I reached for the handle, I saw something reflected in the glass. I strained to look at it because it looked like a moving cloud. I turned around to see a giant swarm of bees coming straight for me. Before I could get inside, they attacked me.

I swatted and smashed, but to no avail. I tried to pull them off me, but they stung me again and again. I was in such pain, and (since it was a dream) I immediately felt my skin and face swelling up. Everything went blurry, and then there was only darkness.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in a white room with all kinds of strange equipment. I can only assume it was a hospital room, but there were no nurses or doctors around. A very eclectic group of my friends were there though. There were some people I hadn’t seen since high school and others who have been my best friends for years. They told me I had been in a coma, and they were very happy to see me awake. They gave me a get-well card and everything.

I was talking to an old friend and she said she was there (during the incident). She said that I kept asking, “Are they done stinging me yet?” over and over. I was very embarrassed and I told her so.

It was all very strange, and it was right around that point that I woke up…

Dreams are weird.

Last night, I dreamt:

I was riding my bike down this long and winding dirt trail. I was looking for the Highway M-22. The trail opened onto a large farm with split rail fences all along its length.

I paused for a moment, and then saw a few kids coming up to me. They were dressed in old-timey clothes, including old leather boots and heavy cotton shirts. There was a girl in a long dress as well. As they approached, I said hello and asked if they knew where M-22 was. They didn’t, but offered to get me some water, which I assented to.

In the meantime, the girl and the oldest boy talked to me about the “world outside.” I found that they were completely ignorant of the things of the modern world. So, I told them of some of the great things that I’d seen. I told them that there were machines that could look inside a person to see if there was anything wrong with them. I told them of the machines that made ice anytime they wanted. I spoke of cars, trains, and planes. I told them of air conditioning, high-rises, and malls.

“Take me with you when you go,” the girl said with more than a little longing in her voice.

A cloud came over my thoughts, and I told her that it’s not all amazing things. I told them both that while there is much to marvel at, I have seen much that makes me shudder. Then I spoke of robberies, murder, wars, genocide, and needless death. I spoke of people rushing around like bees without a heart. I told them of those trampling the freedoms of others without realizing it. I told them of the constant push towards infinite liquidity, and the resulting unhappiness.

As I said these things, I realized how unimportant getting to M-22 really was for me. I paused and said, “What about here? What if I stayed here…with you?”

The next thing I knew, I was with their parents discussing working for them. They were concerned that I would poison their sons and daughter with my tales of the “outside world.” I told them how their daughter had already asked to go with me when I left, but I had told her of much of the craziness of that life. They seemed satisfied, so they allowed me to stay.

I then had a bunch of flashes of memories: hard work, hot sun, and laughing all the while. My bike began to rust, and then one day, I had a hankering to see the “outside world” again. I couldn’t get those thoughts out of my head.

I was staring at my bike while I decided if I should go or stay. Then, I woke up.

Last Night’s Dream

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Last night, I dreamt:

I was camping with a group of people on the edge of a small lake. However, we weren’t camping in tents. We were in these small a-frame structures with clear glass tops.

At one point, we were sitting around the bonfire and George, an older man (that I don’t think I ever met in real life, but knew very well in my dream) had just got done singing. Everyone was telling him what a good job he did. He just laughed and then went into his a-frame glass tent-thing.

He came out with a flare pistol, which he shot into the air. As the flare went up and exploded in the sky, everyone got really angry.

“What are you doing?” someone shouted.

“You should only use that in emergencies,” another declared.

I didn’t say much.

Within five minutes, a couple of hummers filled with park rangers came rolling up. They looked in a hurry.

At this, George yelled, “Oh my, are you guys in some sort of trouble? Is there an emergency you need help with?”

In my dream, I thought this was the funniest thing ever: the way George turned the emergency around. I couldn’t stop laughing and I was on the ground rolling around, and could hardly breathe.

I woke up from last night’s dream laughing. However, after my brain was somewhat sorted and back to normal, I realized that it actually wasn’t as funny as I thought it was in my dream.

Last Night’s Dream

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I was at my parents’ house, and we heard that somebody was going to blow up the moon to make way for a new spaceport in a few minutes. So, we ran out in the dusky twilight to see a waxing moon rising in the west.

We stood there for a minute and then we saw it. The moon cracked apart, but it didn’t go according to plan. The moon was supposed to be broken into millions of small chunks, but about a third of the moon starting getting bigger and bigger as if it was falling towards us! There was an old woman standing next to me, and I helped her back inside and into the basement just to be safe. Then, I ran out to see that moon was now huge and hurtling this way. It touched down a few miles away (it was so big, that I could see it hit!), throwing dirt, buildings, and poor souls into the air. It was actually just skimming the surface of the Earth, so it bounced again and flew just a mile or two over our heads as it landed a little further to the east, again wreaking havoc and death wherever it landed. It bounced once more before I couldn’t see it anymore.

I started to breath a little easier because I was spared, but my heart ached for the poor people who had fallen victim to this tragedy. I remember feeling really angry and saying something like, “They should have just left it alone!” Then, I woke up.

Last Night’s Dream

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Last night, I dreamt:

I was in a huge field of sunflowers and this field had tons of rolling hills. I couldn’t see much besides the valley I was in because the sunflowers were over my head and it was such a hilly area. I was looking for something, but I was trying to be quiet at the same time. As I snuck between the towering flowers, I saw at last what I was looking for…

It was a horse, dun brown in color with a shimmering black mane. With a wild whoop, I jumped on this horse’s back and grabbed a good bit of the mane. The horse reared for a moment and then shot out into the field like a rocket. The sunflowers shot by me to my left and to my right in groups of blurs. A few hit me in the head and hard as we sped over the hills.

At last the horse grew tired and we drew near to a spring. We stopped and the horse got a drink. After it had cooled down, it seemed that the horse was mine and would follow me. Behind me, I heard voices and a group of riders crested the hill behind me. POW! A shot from rifle hit the stream before me. I yanked the horse’s head up and we turned right and galloped along the sandy edge of the stream. POW! Another shot came whizzing dizzily near me, and when we had almost reached a clearing, POW! A shot ripped through my chest and I fell off the horse.

Then, I woke up.

Last Night’s Dream

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Last night, I dreamt:

I was a small boy of maybe five or seven. I was in an old house with western-style wallpapering and the furniture was a mottled green color. I was trying to get my grandfather to play with me by running around him while he was reading. I don’t remember what I was saying but it must have been distracting because he stopped whatever he was doing and looked at me.

“C’mere boy,” he said in a very stern voice. I stopped whatever I was doing and came over to him. With a flash he had me sitting up on one of his knees and his voice had that soothing yet gravely quality that I imagine cowboys to have.

He put on a pair of spectacles over his previous pair and pulled one of the drawers open from the desk he was sitting at. He reached in the drawer and pulled out a nickel. It looked kind of old, but he held it up for a minute looking at it through his funny double spectacles.

Then, looking at me (though those same spectacles), he solemnly said, “Here, you can have this nickel.”

I took the nickel and ran outside and down to the store. I stopped just long enough to find something I could buy for a nickel. I don’t remember exactly what it was in my dream, but it was some kind of candy. As I walked away from the store eating whatever candy it was, the shopkeeper came out with a big smile and said, “Thanks a million sonny” and he laughed a whole bunch. I didn’t understand what the deal was, but I was happy with my candy.

The next day (or some time later), I was playing in front of my house and I overheard a neighbor telling my mother something about how the shopkeeper had discovered a nickel that was worth a fortune to coin collectors. I felt a sinking in my stomach as I realized that must have been the nickel I had given him before.

I ran to my grandfather who was still at his desk. “Why didn’t you tell me what the nickel was worth?” I cried.

He just looked at me and said something like, “The value of everything in this world is hidden. Make sure you know the value of each thing before you make a trade.”

I then woke up.

Last Night’s Dream

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I’ve been having quite a few vivid dreams that I actually remember the next day. I wonder what my subconscious is trying to say to me!

Anyway, here’s last night’s dream:

I was the proprietor of a small hardware store/trading post. It so happened that one of my employees knew where I kept my safe. I looked out my window one evening to see the employee across the way (because my house was directly behind the trading post) with his ear up against the safe trying to break the combination. I grabbed my rifle and trained the sights right above his forehead. But then, I thought better of it, and grabbed my bb gun (note: in real life, I don’t own any guns). This time, I shot at him, but the bb just bounced off the glass window of the shop. I got a lot more pressure in and then shot again, breaking the glass.

I woke up as I started hitting him with bb pellets…

Last Night’s Dream

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Last night, I dreamt:

I was somewhere out West in the mountains. I was at a lower elevation because the mountains were pretty thickly filled with a lot of aspen, along with oaks and a few other of those trees. I had my trusty blue Lumix camera with me, and I had just seen some huge elk cross on a ridge not far from where I was. I got out my camera and filmed them running quickly across my view. I turned my camera back over the ridge, and saw a group of cowboys chasing a girl. They were all on horseback.

I zoomed in on the girl and saw that it was my friend Nicole. They caught her and started beating on her. I didn’t move from my spot and continued filming for some reason, but I saw that one of the cowboys saw me. So, I tried to run and hide. I snuck in between some roots of a giant tree that had fallen, but I was wearing a red shirt. So, they quickly found me and dragged me out.

I told them that I had already uploaded my video to youtube with all their faces and if they hurt me or Nicole any more, the authorities will know who did it. I told them that I had zoomed in on each one of their faces. I think I was talking too fast, and they could tell that I was bluffing.

I woke up as one of the guys threw a punch that landed squarely on my chin…

Last Night’s Dream

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Last night, I dreamt:

I was in an Eastern European country (judging by the dress of the people), and there was a huge group of people rioting around a nuclear power plant. Some were climbing on the big black metal gates and shouting at people inside. There were people throwing things into the compound over the high-walled fence. Eventually, they broke down the gates and people streamed into the courtyard and ran toward the building.

I was caught up in the crowd and couldn’t get out, so I went with everyone out of fear of being trampled. Once inside the plant, I saw that there were four nuclear cores enclosed in glass (of all things!), and all the rods were out and above each of the cores. The people started chanting something that I didn’t understand over and over again. At least a man appeared on a platform above the cores, who I assume was the owner of the plant, and he tried to address the mob, but no one seemed to want to listen. Finally, he gave up and just gave a single to someone up above, and he stepped down and into the swirling crowd.

The rods began to lower into the cores and everyone cheered. As soon as the rods hit the cores, the whole place was bathed in crazy colors of greens, reds, yellows, and lots of white. I shielded my eyes and began to push my way out of the building.

Once outside, I saw the owner again, and I asked him what was going on. He muttered something about how foolish people are, and then told me that those four cores were last of all that we have. When they are gone, there is nothing left. I asked him why, and he said that they have been waiting on the United States for five years.

Then, my dream immediately shifted to a satellite’s eye view of Kansas. Immediately, the view began to zoom till I saw a small farm with a big barn and and a big old house. All of a sudden, a nuclear explosion completely annihilated the farm and its surrounding fields. The mushroom cloud just kept coming up and covering my view of the place.

Next thing I know, I’m sitting in the middle of the explosion on a rocking chair on the porch of the house. The chair disintegrates under me, as well as the porch and house. For some reason, I’m completely unharmed, though I do get blown through the air by the explosion.

After the explosion, I realize that I can’t see very well, but I start to run anyways, tripping over any bits of rubble left in my path. I run for a long time and then get picked up by the FBI or some government agency. They confine me in this shed for a really long time, and then someone comes to free me.

As I step out into the sun, I blink a few times, and then…

I woke up from the dream.