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My Dog Died

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Last month, my family’s dog died. His name was Cappy.

cappy - 01

cappy - 02

cappy - 03

cappy - 04

cappy - 05

cappy - 06

cappy - 07

cappy - 08

cappy - 09

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The reunion was as always full of joy and happiness when the dog and the fox met with playful jumps and dance in the frozen grass. Side by side Tinni and Sniffer trotted slowly through the forest and made tight tracks in the white grass, showing how close the two friends really were.

This video is quite awesome for a lot of reasons. They used one of my favorite songs for the introduction, they have a really awesome dog, and the video is really well done (just to name a few).

I am very impressed with it, and I was surprised at how emotional I got watching a little terrier and her owner have so much fun together. I don’t know why things like that speak to me sometimes, but they do.

Puppy v. Ice Cube

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Some days, I just need to see stuff like this.

Detroit Dog Rescue

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I really liked the fact that even though the Discovery bit didn’t run to provide more awareness about this issue, it was enough for some people to organize something to try to help these animals. I’m always amazed at the resiliency of dogs (and people as well, but that’s a bit off-topic…), and I know that this stray dog issue is happening all over the world in some urban areas. I certainly hope this new nonprofit will be able to make a difference.

OK GO – White Knuckles

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I always like the OK GO videos because they are usually pretty fun and fancy free. Their latest is no exception: