Transfixus Sed Non Mortuus

Here I Stand, Pierced and Transfixed

I didn’t have a song until you came along…

The Red Ribbon

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A red ribbon
sleepily in the quiet lulling night.
Tied tight
the porcelin
I wonder whether it could snap.

At play here
is the
rummaging solitude of her skin.
What fills
to the very
is the red ribbon’s knot.

Lake Superior Lake Trout

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Here’s one mighty big fish!

Movin’ Movin’ Man

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This past weekend, I was a movin’ movin’ man. My wife and I have been living in a little apartment since July. We very much enjoyed the place. The appliances were up to date, any maintenance was being taken care of within a day or so, and the staff were courteous and friendly. Much better than some places I’ve stayed in the past.

However, as the summer waned, we began to get some strange smells wafting through our apartment. In the month of December, when the temperature started to dip towards the freezing point, we found that the smell became nearly unbearable. It permeated our clothes and sometimes woke us up from our sleep in the dead of night. We determined that one of our neighbors was smoking some very nasty substances.

The apartment manager did seem interested in our concerns, but needed proof of which neighbor it was. When we figured out which neighbor it was, they denied it. So, we were left in the same boat of having the nastiest of smells totally destroying our use of the apartment. We avoided going there if we could. Sometimes, it got so thick, we had to leave and open our windows in the wintry nights.

At last, we met with the manager face-to-face last Tuesday and she offered to have us transfer apartments. She was very agreeable to that and even promised us a larger apartment for the same rate! Even though it was a huge hassle, we signed the paperwork last Wednesday for the new place.

My brother and da stopped by on Friday and really went to town on the big stuff, while my wife’s sister helped pack. My wife’s parents, aunt, and uncle came by on Saturday and got everything that we didn’t get to on Saturday. I’m entirely happy and grateful to our families who really stepped up to the plate on such short notice.

I’m especially grateful that it’s now done and that smell isn’t thickening our nights and days (except when you sometimes get a whiff of it on coats or clothes of course).

Sissel – Pie Jesu

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A cool look at how armored knights maneuvered.


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This weekend, I was able to do something I had never done before: flyboarding. Basically, they hook up a special impeller into a jet ski and attach that to a long hose. Then, there’s some special platform and boots that are set up to give you lift. You can adjust by leaning in a particular direction.

Here’s a video of me doing it:

It was a lot of fun!

What are these feelings that I’ve looked at where the shadows of sound
cast away the light in the cool damp of evening?
Are the secret fires of golden ceramic kings laughing lightly
where the rage and foolishness idly watch the solitude and the silence?
Great are the eagles that hunker down into their giant nests of calico and sticks.
Yet even eagles can fly to the heights of fear sometimes!
Sometimes, sometimes, the empathy drives me to the shadowy turrets of a long forgotten mood.

Notice this silence?
It’s not for you.
It’s not for the treatment.
It’s not for the joy.
It’s the laugh that hangs just outside of my reach.
It’s the dance that I had hoped that you would teach.
It’s the great fall and the trippling jagged way.
It’s the horror and the healing.
It’s the young love and the old fears.
It’s the way you glance at me as I draw near.

You’re all I see. You’re all that I want to know, but if you bend me, I will break.
If you graft your fears on my shoulders,
the tree that grows isn’t the one I was made for.
If you grace my heart with wreaths of thorns, don’t be mad if I scrape them away.
What’s the watchwords that dance before the olden shepherds
where the fields that golden rays saw play?
Where’s the griffin and the unicorn that used play before the king
in the shadowy garden of olden gloried hearts?